L.E.A.D 2023

We hosted our premier Leadership Conference, L.E.A.D 2023 – “Leaders Executing & Achieving The Dream.” On October 14th, and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. Attendees from diverse backgrounds came together for a day filled with inspiration, empowerment, and invaluable networking opportunities that left a lasting impact on their leadership journey. L.E.A.D 2023 wasn’t just another conference; it was a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through insightful keynote speeches by keynote speakers Adam Durso & Dio Pouerie, interactive workshops, and engaging panel discussions, participants were equipped with the tools and strategies needed to unlock their full potential as leaders. From honing communication skills to mastering effective decision-making, every aspect of leadership was explored, empowering attendees to lead with confidence and conviction. The success of L.E.A.D 2023 speaks volumes about the commitment of The River Church to nurture and develop the leaders of tomorrow. As we reflect on the impact of this remarkable event, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success – from our dedicated speakers and volunteers to the enthusiastic participants who embraced the opportunity for growth. Together, we have set the stage for a future where leadership knows no bounds, and dreams are turned into reality.