More Ministries

From infants to teens we minister to our young people to empower them to live 4LOVE, 4LEADERSHIP, 4LEGACY and 4LIVING A LIFE 4CHRIST.

The River Advance Theology class is designed for ministers and those who are seeking advance knowledge, advance skill, and advance thought towards a deeper understanding of the Word of God.

Assists those in need including aspects of the following: visiting the sick, comforting the bereaved, encouraging and supporting those who are struggling or facing difficulties of various kinds, while nurturing and protecting the faith of those within the congregation.

Creates a positive atmosphere for interaction with our guests; strengthen our membership; encourage those newly saved; and connect with our community.

Collaborates with Volunteers in Partnership to host or support River and non River church-wide events and activities ensuring things are executed in love and excellence.

Sponsors events and fellowship activities especially for, but not limited to, the senior members (ages 50 and over) who desire to have fun while living productive lives as servants of Christ.

Ensures everything is being expedited in a fitting and orderly way modeling the vision of the leadership and after Psalm 84:10 to guests of the ministry and community.

Builds awareness and provides actions about the cultural and racial issues affecting the Body of Christ and bridges connections between them so that we can celebrate the differences that make us unique.

Seeks to enhance the well-being of the members and surrounding communities through health screenings, education and biblical principles that focus on the mind, body and spirit.

Serves guests and members in a manner that displays a spirit of excellence, warmth, friendliness, grace and the compassionate heart of God, in order to enhance their worship experience.

Provides a creative experience, which conveys heaven into the earth through the creative revelation of God.  Using various forms of art, Impart The Arts, creates positive, fun, nurturing environments where all ages can participate, learn, and benefit from expression through art.

Offers professional counseling, support and community resources to meet the immediate needs of individuals and families in the River Church.

Ladies in Faith Together (L.I.F.T.), the River Church Women’s Ministry, is designed to allow all women (ages 18 and up) an opportunity to gather to share insight and gain wisdom for their personal, professional, and spiritual development and to attend events in the community. Women will gather monthly to talk about various topics from friendships to living a healthy lifestyle.

Develops and implements ways to make people aware of River Church and what we are doing for God in the earth.

Dedicated to providing quality audio/visual support for the worship services and other events of River Church.

Visiting the elderly, sick or, shut-in living in Nursing Homes who are too often forgotten.

Focuses on carrying out the vision of Bishop Godbee for the River Church in developing “Team River” through leadership workshops and team building activities.

Builds, cultivates, and maintains partners within the community of Durham, North Carolina and surrounding areas. This ministry, which is comprised of a team that is well versed in relationship equity and value proposition, is the liaison between the River Church ministries and external partners within the community.

Protective and Safety Services (P.A.S.S.) provides protection and safety to all while on River Church premises.  The P.A.S.S. team will also provide protective services to the Lead Pastor and his family when visiting other churches.

DANCE : Enhances the worship experience through various forms of movement (liturgical/sacred dance, and flags) to ultimately further the Kingdom of God.


MIME :  Enhances the worship experience and ultimately furthers the Kingdom of God through movement and expression.


MUSIC: Sets the atmosphere for the presence of God to flow in the service and prepare the hearts of the people to receive the Word of God.

Continues to ensure that the Lead Pastor and his Family are bathed in prayer; the Executive Staff and the church body are covered and immersed in prayer; and to be the Cities Church through prayer.

Through tutoring the village plants a seed in youth today to blossom into great leaders of tomorrow. The village is building a prosperous community one child at a time.

Designed to help individuals improve their financial know-how and improve their economic stability by providing information, practical strategies and local resources through a one-year, three-phase experience.