River Census & Survey: Winter 2022
River Census & Survey: Winter 2022
Take a moment and answer each question truthfully, as this survey is anonymous!

If your city is not represented above, then where do you live?

How old are you?


How long have you attended our church?

What do you most enjoy about attending services here?

What would you change about attending services here?

Would you recommend this church to a friend or family member?

What are some ways we could make our church more welcoming?

Among our service times, which do you usually attend? (You can choose more than one)

What ministry opportunities would you be most interested in participating during the coming year? (Youth, Music, Operations, Marketing, Prayer, Security, New Members, Senior Services, Media, Fine Arts, Communications etc.) Please specify!

Have you ever attended mid-week church services?

If no, why not? (i.e. Work, Family, Transportation, Too far, Once service a week is enough)

Have you ever attended church online instead of in person?

If yes, which do you prefer?

Can you tell us why?

Do you feel our church leadership (Pastors & Staff) are accessible when needed?

How do you prefer to get information about what's going on at The River?

What online/social media platforms do you use most (choose 1 or 2)?

Is there a question or questions that we missed that you think would be good to add in this survey? Please add it here.